Leading Edge Materials Intersects Further High Grade Lithium at Bergby, Sweden

Results Include 8.8m @ 2.63% Lithium Oxide from 1.1m Depth

Vancouver, Canada – Leading Edge Materials Corp. (“Leading Edge Materials”) or (“the Company”) (TSXV:LEM) (OTCQB: LEMIF) is pleased to announce additional high grade lithium results from a further seven diamond drill holes at the Company’s 100% owned Bergby lithium project in Sweden.  Furthermore, re-assay results from the first five drillholes reported 25th April 2017 are also provided, which has on average increased the grade of lithium mineralized intersections for these holes. Key Results:

  • BBY17006 intersected 4.45m @ 1.44% Li2O (lithium oxide) from 11.55m depth
  • BBY17007 intersected 4.65m @ 2.71% Li2O, 315ppm Ta2O5 (tantalum oxide) from 1.40m depth
  • BBY17008 intersected 8.75m @ 2.63% Li2O, 186ppm Ta2O5 from 1.10m depth
  • BBY17009 intersected 1.20m @ 2.68% Li2O from 14.80m depth; and 1.10 m @ 2.44% Li2O from 24.55m depth
  • BBY17010 intersected 8.80m @ 1.11% Li2O, 98ppm Ta2O5 from 27.55m depth
  • BBY17011 intersected 6.75m @ 1.87% Li2O, 191ppm Ta2O5 from 0.70m depth
  • BBY17012 intersected 1.65m @ 1.14% Li2O from 2.20m depth

Following a review of assay values for lithium reference standard samples within the batch of analytical results for drillholes BBY17001 to BBY17005 as reported 25th April 2017, assay contractor ALS Ltd were requested to complete a re-assay of all samples using a technique better suited to high lithium grades. Grades increased significantly for three holes, and decreased slightly for two holes, as follows:

  • BBY17001 intersected 1.45m @ 0.77% Li2O from 4.85m depth (26% increase from 0.61% Li2O)
  • BBY17002 intersected 3.95m @ 1.83% Li2O from 0.00m depth (24% increase from 1.48% Li2O)
  • BBY17003 intersected 8.20m @ 2.06% Li2O from 2.85m depth (34% increase from 1.54% Li2O)
  • BBY17004 intersected 1.90m @ 2.26% Li2O from 10.20m depth (3% decrease from 2.35% Li2O)
  • BBY17005 intersected 10.45m @ 1.58% Li2O from 2.20m depth (3% decrease from 1.62% Li2O)

Blair Way, President and CEO, stated “The Bergby lithium project continues to deliver very encouraging high grade drill results at very shallow depth.  Mineralization has been discovered in every drill hole to date, and we look forward to advancing the prospect quickly from here.  In addition to lithium, regular elevated grades of tantalum are also being discovered.  While the need to re-state drill intersections due to assay accuracy is always frustrating, the increased average grade for the first five drill holes is a worthy reward.” 

Bergby lies in central Sweden, 25km north of the town of Gävle, secured by three exploration licenses that cover a total of 1,903 Ha.  The site is close to infrastructure, with major roads, rail and power supply passing immediately adjacent to the claim boundaries. Holes reported within this release lie within a 150m x 80m area near a lithium mineralized pegmatite outcrop.  Mineralization drilled to date lies very close to surface, and extends from the outcrop beneath thin glacial soil cover.  Intersections often include elevated levels of tantalum (see Table 2 for all mineralized intersections). The true thickness of the mineralized interval is interpreted to be approximately 90% of the sampled thickness.  Further drill results will be released as they become available. Europe is playing a leading role in the transition to low-carbon energy generation from renewable sources, and the efficient storage of that energy.  Electric mobility (EV’s, HEV, PHEV’s) and stationary electricity storage are dependent on high purity graphite, lithium and cobalt, where Leading Edge Materials is an active European player.  Lithium has a strong and expanding market, due to the essential role it plays in lithium-based batteries for the automotive, consumer product and stationary electrify storage industries.  The high electrochemical potential of lithium results in the high power to weight ratio that is essential for efficient mobile batteries.

On behalf of the Board,

“Blair Way”
Blair Way, President & CEO

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About Leading Edge Materials Leading Edge Materials was formed with our sights firmly focused on the material demands of a once-in-a-generation revolution, as the world shifts to the efficient production, storage and preservation of low carbon energy. From the lithium batteries in our electric vehicles to our ability to generate energy from the sun, wind and waves LEM is focused on the green energy markets. With a focus on Europe and assets in innovation-rich Scandinavia, Leading Edge Materials is ideally placed to play a pivotal role in the sustainable supply of critical technology materials.

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Table 1: Drill collars locations and orientations, Bergby Project.  Drilling was conducted with “Wireline 56” equipment proving core with a diameter of 39mm.

Hole_ID Easting SWEREF Northing SWEREF Elevation RH2000 Azimuth Dip Length
BBY17001 612902 6760564 35 295 45 54.80m
BBY17002 612881 6760582 35 0 90 14.80m
BBY17003 612872 6760590 35 0 90 16.45m
BBY17004 612864 6760597 35 0 90 17.90m
BBY17005 612877 6760609 35 0 90 17.95m
BBY17006 612866 6760613 35 0 90 27.00m
BBY17007 612886 6760604 35 0 90 12.00m
BBY17008 612886 6760627 35 0 90 14.75m
BBY17009 612874 6760697 37 115 60 50.20m
BBY17010 612818 6760609 35 115 60 50.30m
BBY17011 612864 6760563 35 0 90 14.40m
BBY17012 612875 6760555 35 0 90 11.35m
BBY17013 612877 6760518 35 255 75 17.40m
BBY17014 612787 6760513 35 115 45 40.80m
BBY17015 612756 6760417 35 115 50 50.00m
BBY17016 612700 6760333 35 115 60 44.30m
BBY17017 612679 6760219 35 115 70 29.30m
BBY17018 612604 6760114 35 115 50 50.20m

Table 2: Mineralized intervals from first 12 drill holes, Bergby Project

Hole Number FROM (m) TO (m) WIDTH (m) Li2O% Ta2O5 ppm
BBY17001 4.85 6.30 1.45 0.77 31
BBY17002 0.00 3.95 3.95 1.83 163
BBY17003 2.85 11.05 8.20 2.06 118
BBY17004 10.20 12.10 1.90 2.26 74
BBY17005 2.20 12.65 10.45 1.58 107
BBY17006 11.55 16.00 4.45 1.44 50
BBY17007 1.40 6.05 4.65 2.71 315
BBY17008 1.10 9.85 8.75 2.63 186
BBY17009 14.80 16.00 1.20 2.68 12
BBY17009 24.55 25.65 1.10 2.44 49
BBY17010 27.55 36.35 8.80 1.11 98
BBY17011 0.70 7.50 6.8 1.87 191
BBY17012 2.25 3.90 1.65 1.14 25

Figure 1: Location of Drilling and Interpreted Trend of Lithium-Bearing Pegmatite, Bergby Project.  Grid presented in SWEREF coordinate system.