Critical raw materials are determined as such by the European Union based on their economic importance and supply risk.

They are directly linked to high growth technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and permanent magnets for electric motors and wind power that underpin the sustainable transition of society.

Leading Edge Materials Corp. is developing a portfolio of projects located within the borders of the European Union with the vision to supply sustainable and secure sources of critical raw materials to European industrial ecosystems.


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Woxna Graphite

One of few fully-built graphite mines in the western world. Four deposits under mining leases, fully built processing plant and infrastructure. Built in the mid 90s and restarted under current ownership in 2014. Targeting a vertically integrated mine to anode material production.
3. Aerial view of site_west side

Norra Kärr HREE

One of the worlds most significant heavy rare earth deposits with an unusual enrichment of the heavy magnet critical elements Dysprosium and Terbium. Identified as a critical project by the European Parliament (ERECON study)

Romania Nickel Cobalt

Exploration alliance with local JV partner for a potential discovery of high-grade nickel-cobalt mineralizations in the Tethyan Belt in a historic mining area.

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Critical Raw Materials in Europe

January 2023