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Leading Edge Materials was formed with our sights firmly focussed on the material demands of a once-in-a-generation revolution, as the world shifts to the efficient production, storage and preservation of low carbon energy. From the lithium batteries in our electric vehicles to our ability to generate energy from the sun, wind and waves. From the smart phones in our pockets to the MRI machines that see within us. Such products, that only a decade ago appeared locked in the realm of science fiction, now exist through the application of a new generation of metals, alloys and materials.To be part of the development of two-dimensional materials that are stronger than steel; permanent magnets that will support frictionless high speed trains; and zero-density foams that form weightless insulation; is exciting indeed for Leading Edge Materials.

With a focus on Europe and assets in innovation-rich Scandinavia, Leading Edge Materials is ideally placed to play a pivotal role in the sustainable supply of critical technology materials. We look forward to being part of the next stage of this amazing journey.

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